Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Maharashtra

1) Aurangabad
Aurangabad has nice history, culture and variety that set Aurangabad except remainder of the cities. resolve a lot of regarding Aurangabad. Here you may resolve equally of knowledge regarding the historical town of Aurangabad on the net. info regarding events, news, photos, city map, schools, aurangabad hospitals, aurangabad government offices, visit world illustrious historical places in aurangabad, like Bibi Hindu deity Maqbara, Ajanta Caves info, Ellora Caves, Panchakki, Daultabad Fort and plenty of a lot of..

Bibi Ka Maqbara

Daulatabad fort

Ellora Caves

Ajanta Caves Auranagabad

2) Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

 Mahabaleshwar is arranged at a height of 1372 meters above ocean level. Mahabaleshwar is the most well known and biggest slope resort in Maharashtra. This place is an ensemble of 30 intriguing perspective focuses. Mahabaleswar in Sanskrit implies the Divine force of Awesome Power. Mahabaleshwar was viewed as a blessed place with a solid recorded foundation for a considerable length of time. This place is still gone by neighborhood aficionados. Mahabaleshwar gets its name from a god, who is loved at the old Mahabaleshwar sanctuary. The place is well known with visitors. The slope station is extremely swarmed amid summers and Christmas and Diwali break. Panchgani has a lovely atmosphere consistently. In summers, temperatures extend in the vicinity of 16 and 20 degrees Celsius and in winters it falls even beneath. Marathi, Hindi and English are the different dialects which are talked here. The most tasty jams, organic product jams, nectar and strawberry pulverizes can be acquired from here. The place additionally has a wide assortment of chikki (a well known nearby sweet).

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Mahabaleshwar strawberry
Mahabaleshwar Lake
Mahabaleshwar Old Shiv Temple

Lonavala and Khandala are popular for its wonderful slopes, dark green valleys, tremendous lakes, noteworthy strongholds and waterfalls and so on. These two slope stations are at the Sahyadris Piles of Maharashtra.

Lonavala and Khandala have brilliant waterfalls that give a heart discovering view amid rainstorm. Visitors can arrange their trek together with Karla, Bhaja, and Bedsa caverns, which are exceptionally close from Lonavala. This slope station is otherwise called the 'Gem of Sahydri', as a result of its tendency's talented of excellent valleys, slopes, smooth waterfalls, lavish greenery, and wonderful cool winds.

Khandala is littler than Lonavala and moderately more quiet. It is known to be the pride of the Sahyadri Mountains. Wonderful waterfall in the midst of green condition is truly astonishing to see. The place invigorates the depleted travelers. Tugauli, Lonavala, Bhushi and Valvan Lake are the critical pools of this slope station.

Closest airplane terminal is arranged at Pune (64 km). Lonavala and Khandala are 104 km from Mumbai and 64 km from Pune on the Mumbai-Pune roadway.

Lonavala Hill Station
Lonavala Hill Station
Lonavala Water Dam
Lohagad Fort
Lohagad Fort

 4) Kokan 

                    Maharashtra's 720-km. coastline and the abutting territory or "Konkan" as it is called, stretches out from Dahanu in the north up to Goa in south. Konkan is notable for its regular magnificence and is quick rising as a most loved traveler goal for sightseers. Konkan's greenery, coconut trees, lovely virgin shorelines, waterfalls, mountains and lavish green valleys will give a rich and wonderful experience for the explorer.

Tourism in Konkan is growing quick. Voyagers from Maharashtra now want to visit Konkan on account of a few reasons like close region, Simple openness because of better streets and Konkan railroad. The financial settlement and general lower costs for going to already unexplored spots is an additional fascination.

Kokan in Maharashtra
Village in Kokan
Kokan Train
Kokan Village

5)  Matheran

Matheran is the nearest slope station to Mumbai in the Sahyadri slope run in the Raigad region of Maharashtra.

There are various post focuses that give breathtaking perspectives of the encompassing slopes and valleys. Matheran is a level with a sensibly thick timberland cover. Being a slope station it is wonderful nearly consistently. In winter, the evenings can get somewhat cold however. The best time to go to Matheran is post-rainstorm. It is really astounding as of now of the year with lavish greenery, waterfalls and the lake full with water.

Best Time to Visit : After the Monsoon & Winter Season.

Train for Matheran

Train for Matheran
Matheran Market
Matheran Top View

 6) Nagpur (The Orange City)

Nagpur is one of the major mechanical urban communities of Maharashtra. This region is well known for its orange creations. Numerous enormous and driving organizations open their base in this city. Numerous representatives resulted in these present circumstances city regular thus. As it is one of the real urban communities of Maharashtra, it is all around associated via prepare, air and street with different parts of the Maharashtra state and India. Two flights are arrived and left for Mumbai from Nagpur airplane terminal regular.

In Nagpur, guests can appreciate the cool condition of Gavilgad Stronghold, which is 200-300 years of age. Lonar Lake is the third biggest characteristic salt-water lake on the planet. Marbat and Ramjanam rath yatra are the neighborhood celebrations, which are appreciated by the millions consistently. Going to the city amid this time is truly getting a charge out of. Travelers can likewise sorted out journeys for Adasa, Khekranala, Markanda, Dhapewada, Nagardhan, Nawegaon Dam, Ramtek and Pavnar.
Deeksha Bhoomi

Nagpur the Orange City
Ambazari Lake
Tadoba National Park
Ramdham Garden
tadoba nation park resort
Tadoba National Park

7) Pune (Historical city)

Once the capital of the Maratha Domain, Pune, actually signifying "righteousness" leads as 'veritable heartland' of Maharashtra. It is the second biggest condition of Maharashtra after Mumbai and biggest in Western Ghats and a standout amongst the most imperative IT center points in India. Today, Pune is known for its instructive offices and relative flourishing. Being the social capital of Maharashtra, Pune has entrenched assembling, and producing enterprises since the 1950-60s. The city is likewise known for its different social exercises and openings for work that vagrants and understudies from all over India and abroad. This makes Pune a city of many societies and groups.

History of Pune
The historical backdrop of PUne can be followed back to 1000 years. As per the archeological confirmation, Rashtrkootas tradition ruled Pune at around 758-768 A.D. afterward, Pune was led by Yadav's. With the development of the immense Marathi warrior lord Shivaji, Pune gained its social and structural significance. It was Shivaji who fabricated his domain from Pune.

Sinhagad Fort
Pune City
Parvati Hill
Ganpati Festival
The Cultural

 8) Raigad Fort

Raigad was the capital of the Marathas under Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Britishers named it 'Gibralter of the East' as the all around invigorated structure on a slope that had over and over resisted aggressors. Shivaji fabricated the post in the fourteenth century. Chit Darwaja, otherwise called Jit Darwaja is at the foothills close town Pachad.

Khoob Ladha Buruj is a deliberately found tower, from where any aggressor from both the side could be safeguarded. Maha Darwaja is at a separation of about a mile ahead after a troublesome climb. This 350 years of age primary access to the fortification stands so superbly. Mena Darwaja is an extraordinary passage for the imperial women and the rulers.

Rani Vasa or Rulers' Chambers is to one side of Mena Darwaja. The regal women were utilizing these six rooms. Before the Rani Vasa is the Palkhi Darwaja, unique passageway for the caravan of Shivaji Maharaj. There is a line of three dim chambers to one side of Palkhi Darwaja. There is the castle of Shivaji Maharaj to one side of the storage facilities.

Mahabaleshwar, Harihareshwar, Ganpatipule, Shivthar Ghal, Gandhar Pale, Torana: Nijampur - Stronghold Mangad - Raigad Trek, Birwadi - Raigad Trek are alternate attractions.

Raigad Fort View
Raigad Fort
Raigad Fort
Raigad Fort Market
Raigad Fort

9) Mumbai 

The city Mumbai, know as Bombay until 1995, is an awesome port city, arranged on the west bank of the Indian landmass. It is one of India's overwhelming urban focuses and, to be sure, is one of the biggest and most thickly populated urban areas on the planet. Getting its name from Mumba Devi, a goddess of the nearby Koli angling people groups, Mumbai grew up around a fortification set up by the English in the mid-seventeenth century to ensure their exchanging advantages along India's western drift. The city's sublime normal harbor gave a point of convergence to ocean courses crossing the Middle Eastern Ocean, and Mumbai soon turned into the primary western passage to England's growing Indian realm. The city risen as a focal point of assembling and industry amid the eighteenth century. Today, Mumbai is India's business and monetary capital, and in addition the capital city of Maharashtra State.

Mumbai, prior known as Bombay, is the capital of Maharashtra and the biggest city of India. Mumbai at first was the gathering of seven islands on the Konkan coastline, which with the progression of time joined to shape island city of Bombay. It additionally joined Salsette islands in the area to shape More noteworthy Bombay. Bombay got its name from Bom Bahia, signifying "Lovely Straight", given by a Portuguese. This was later promoted as Bombay state by the English. Current name of Bombay is Mumbai. All the more in this way, many say that Mumbai happens to be its unique name, which is gotten from "Mumba", a nearby Hindu Goddess "Mumbadevi", and "Aai", signifies "mother" in Marathi. In any case, its name was on the records changed from Bombay to Mumbai in 1995.

Mumbai City
Taj Hotel and Gateway of India
Prince of Wales Museum
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Mumbai Court

 10) Alibag

Wonderful Ocean, a Post that gets encompassed via ocean water, a couple of sanctuaries and a considerable measure of fun. Alibag (Alibaug) is the perfect place for a one day return trip. Alibaug is 145 kms far from Pune and 30km toward the south of Mumbai. There are some staggering shorelines here alongside fortifications and sanctuaries!

The Kolaba/Kulaba fortification untruths 2 kms inside the ocean. Kulaba post gets encompassed via ocean water at the season of tide. There are the Uma Maheshwar and Balaji sanctuaries in Alibag as well.

Alibag was created in seventeenth Century by Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre the maritime head of Ruler Shivaji's Kingdom. Bene Israelite Ali was a rich man in the city and possessed numerous ranches of mangoes, coconuts in his greenery enclosures. So the neighborhood individuals called the place Alicha bagh (Patio nurseries of Ali) which progressed toward becoming at the appointed time, Alibag.

Murud Janjira Fort
Alibag Beach
Alibag Beach
Alibag Beach
Alibag Fort
Alibag Fort

Top 10 Tourist Places in Maharashtra